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As a quick warning, your gut instinct will be to not agree with me. But I've thought about this a good bit, and this game needs an addition to crafting, and that addition needs to be: ..... food.

Yeap. In short, I don't even entirely care what consuming food does, as long as it's moderately useful (unlike current in-game food). There ought to be some sort of basic system where, for example, successfully crafted foods of greater complexity have slightly better effects. Perhaps eating a nicely complex food would grant you the equivalent of two relatively average stims, for example (the benefit being to have more than one stim effect at a time, balanced by the reduced overall effect). Or, heck, I don't know--you Bioware people are clever, come up with some useful effect that we're currently missing.

The point--the main point--that I want to make is not to do with what food ought to do, but just with the fact that it *ought* to do something. Once upon a time, I really thought I'd appreciate the notion of sending off companions to gather a couple specific items and to mindlessly craft and sell them a thousand times. Oops.

I've come to realize that there's something meaningful and actually fun about experimenting with "ingredients" and making something. And it's utterly absent in swtor. "Crafting" isn't really crafting here--it's tedious busy work, which is ironically exactly what it was designed to avoid. You see, if there's no actual attempts to discover things, and to feel like I'm blazing a trail with what I craft, then the reward of it all (the part where I play a game) is missing. In swtor, I use a schematic, which tells me exactly what I need. There's no experimentation, and certainly no ambiguity.

Sure, go ahead and argue that common recipies would quickly make their way to the internet. But still, having to go out and just find random stuff while playing (an actual use for grey items, anyone?) and trying things out, and always having the chance that you're going to find something new is *fun.* Sending 5 companions out for the 3 materials I know I need to craft a known schematic is ultimately just grind--if there's no potential to discover anything new and useful in the game by doing it, then it isn't really "saving" me from anything, is it?

So, yea, you'll disagree with me, but if it were in there, you'd be having fun doing it, and boasting to everyone who'd listen if you were the one to discover something totally new (while complaining about the new "grind" here on the forums).
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