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Hey all--this suggestion isn't epic, or anything, but could we get some unique images for items in swtor?

I've played other multiplayer games, games with crafting systems, games with mission items, etc... And one of the hysterically small things that is beyond obvious is that different things look different. Simple, right?

And yet, how many times have you seen this:
Know what that is? It's an environ-acclimator! Also known as a tool gun. Or a droid scanner. Or a hydro spanner. Or a hunter tag. Or a dozen other items I didn't grab the names of off-hand.

Or how about that satchel icon for "mod" modifications? That is also used for a handful of mission items? It's just...I don't know, there's something odd about many wildly different items having exactly the same appearances. I can't imagine it'd be too terribly difficult to put an artist in charge of a wiki page, and crowd-source some actual unique images!

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