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10.15.2012 , 05:58 PM | #8
Had a good one a cpl weeks ago.

We get Kaon via the GF.....the instant we get in there, the tank sees that it's Kaon and just goes 'Oh hell no' and leaves. So me, the other DPS and healer wait for a bit...and since tanks are normally tougher to get...we sit for a few minutes, then decide....screw it....let's see where we can get. So we proceed to 3-man+comp Kaon sans tank.

We're still Q'd in the GF for a tank....when, 1/2 way through the last fight, we finally get a tank. By the time we finish off the last boss, the tank had just run into the room....he walks up, finishes the final conversation, picks up his comms and he's done

Other good FP stories normally involve someone getting Wilhelm'd right after they've been warned about being close to the edge