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10.15.2012 , 03:11 PM | #19
If you read my previous post, over night did not work for me. Perhaps it would if I had 5 items for RE, my goal was test proc from 3 crafted items. Only 1 failed, as I got RE proc on 4'th attempt. Any way, I'm not insisting using my method but saying anything against with out testing and talking about "random" is is nonsense.
This game is so badly manipulated, it is full of negative modifiers. So what some peoples call to random is actually fixed card deck.

Examples? OK, no problems.
First go to 10 levels lower 4 man HC and see what drops. Then level up 5 levels and see drops, amount of dropped credits is significantly less. Plus try grind out some items, not a chance in hell, best what you could get is some green junk. Random? Sure, I call it to anti grind measure.
Then hottest topic, slicing, do T1 missions. First only with 1 companion, let's call it to random, then let second companion start doing T1 missions. Oh noes, cases are far slimmer than with 1 companion. Stop second comp and you notice that boxes get fat again. And last thing, send out 3 companions do T1 slicing missions, you barely come up with par. Same way entire "random" works with any mission based crew skill, best result comes with only 1 companion.

Why? Look at legacy vendor prices, you will get the idea. It is first, anti grind measure and second, pre programmed down time via grind. Because BW selling playing time, obviously than more you have down time, than better for them.
You may remember from past my ranting here on forums, looks like finally I figured out all mechanics.
Last hint, create trial account and run missions on trial account, out come is significantly boosted. Why? Take it as advertisement.

This game "random" is full of nanny policy "can't do this and can't do that" BS.
So BW, can we have truly random system please? Current "random" system looks to me like scam.