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Example 2: No reaction speed hack, again on carnage spec marauder:

Skill Name berserk
: consumes 30 stacks of fury to grant 6 charges of berserk that reduces GCD of Slash and Massacre by 0.5 seconds

What happened:
Killed a healer sorc in 5 seconds flat , combination of Gore(off GCD) and 5 massacres

What happened afrter game: Had him rant in fleet about how i was using no GCD hacks as my toon was attacking too fast to seem natural
It's funny because I never heard people say anything about this until yesterday. First time I saw a guy call a Carnage spec marauder a speed hacker, and that he was attacking faster than possible. Later that I night I tried out Carnage spec and had a guy call me a speed hacker as well.