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What I have noticed, if you craft and try RE without logging attempt mostly fails. I have been using this method with all crew skills, it works same way with any crew skill.
One day I was lazy to log out, as I had enough mats, I was just curious how long it takes. I ended up with 21 augentation slot components, technically I wasted stack of Diatium and Resinite. What a waste.

And if we talking about collecting information, many peoples don't know it yet. Hopefully now peoples could experiment and give some feedback, unless BW nerf it.
OTOH - I typically RE as the stuff comes into my inventory because I usually kick off 10-20 craftings and if I get what I want I cancel the rest. I have sometimes gotten a schematic on the first attempt. Sometimes on the 20th. Sometimes not at all. Typically though I get one within somewhere in the 5th to 10th range. And that is statistically average (on 20% chance the chance of success tips in your favor after the eight attempt).

I have also kicked off 20, logged off and then back on - after all the crafting is done (usually overnight) - start REing, saving the items that happened to get an augment slot, and I go through 18 with nothing then I take a chance and RE those with the augment slot and BAM two in a row OR I get nothing.

My point is You do your thing, I'll do mine, and there are plenty of players out there who do things they THINK influences the outcome. But in reality, everything you or I or anyone else does to try to influence the numbers is all superstitious nonsense .

That being said, like the Bud Light says, "it's only weird if it doesn't work."