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Well, it's all in my signature.

I generally pick names from factions or individuals or creatures that have stood out to me in movies, print or computer games. So far I have:

Ord'os = From House Ordos in Dune 2, Dune 2000, and Emperor: Battle for Dune.

Toclafane = From the Toclafane, the mythical race from Doctor Who.

Nydus = From Nydus Worm, the tunneling worm things from StarCraft 1 and 2.

Naresa = I didn't design or name this character. I'll probably rename it if I get the chance.

Arcada = From the Starlab Arcada, probably the most arcane reference to the people on these forms.
The Arcada Legacy (Ebon Hawk)
Ord'os (Lvl.55 Sorcerer), Naresa (Lvl.53 Operative), Jagrafess (Lvl.19 Marauder)
Nydus (Lvl.54 Shadow), Toclafane (Lvl.27 Guardian)