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A projectile whether it is a bullet, rocket, or even a rock are effective against lightsabers. The blade of a lightsabers is plasma. Plasma is super heated gas. That gas is contained by a force field (whether is it the force shaping the plasma or some other barrier is unknown to me). That means the plasma from blaster would be reflected due to the magnetic properties of plasma from the lightsaber. This means that of a bullet were to hit a lightsaber and it had no magnetic properties it would become either molten melt or super heated gas. Either one is extremely deadly to an unprotected person. In the best case scenario the Jedi would sustain 4th degree burns on a localized area along with the push from the momentum of the molten bullet. In the worst case the super heated gas will be breathed in by the Jedi, burning his/her lungs so badly oxygen cannot supplied to the body. The question of death by wound or death by lung searing is another debate in itself.