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I actually re rolled my inquisitor so now she is now Aureva! anyway...

Aureva was born and spent most of her childhood in space and so considers her ship to be the closest thing she has to home.

A former slave to a once great imperial Political figure. experienced a shocking amount of comfort despite the cruel treatment her master inflicted on most of his other slaves.

soon before the events that led her to Korriban, A rival politician revealed to Aureva that the reason that her master did not mark her face and treats her almost like a human instead of a slave, is because he is her biological father. (not that he refrained from working her mother to death)

just as she was trying to comprehend this new found knowledge, Aureva was liberated from her position mostly due to collateral damage. she and her master were on a planet for business when her master was among the slave masters killed due to an order to liberate the slaves strong in the force.

Aureva is 19 at the start.

Has red brown hair and amber eyes.

has a slim figure

initally was wary of Andronikos becaue of her dislike of men believing them to be cruel by nature. (her primary examples being her master and Harkun) after Zash betrayed Aureva, she became very aware that women can be just as horrible as men. so she gradually adjusted and is now very close to Andronikos whom after getting to know him, she permitted herself to embrace her attraction to him. possibly due to the fact that he embodies traits she wishes she could allow herself to embrace.

Wants to be friendly with Ashara but cannot bring herself to be fully comfortable around her. (possibly due to their contrasting back rounds)

Gets along quite well with Talos as they share similar interests.

Adores Khem and teasingly refers to him as Khemmy!

Tolerates her apprentice. if she had her way she would be mentoring the Twi'lek..

This is a work in progress, I will add more later...