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10.15.2012 , 09:40 AM | #15
Here is a little feed for theory.
Yesterday before logging I left T7 craft lv45 armorings, logged on, had 3 armorings in inventory, all RE attempts failed. Crafted another 3, T7 critted 1, blue proc from 4'th RE attempt.
Then I made 3 lv45 barrels, blue proc on 2'nd RE attempt.
3 aim modifications for lv45, blue proc on 1'st RE attempt.
2 different types lv43 enchants for commando and M1-4X, enchant for commando blue proc on 2'nd RE attempt, enchant for droid blue proc on 3'rd RE.

All that today, while I was leveling treasure hunting on 1 toon and did try RE with hour or more breaks.

Tell me something more about RNG, let's stay on topic, RE in game is flaky.
Or switching toons messes up RNG, or something else but as I mentioned in previous post, from 5 crafts after break blue proc is mostly like 100% guaranteed. At least that is how it works for me.