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DCUonline does this. They have a random box that drops and its locked. Sub players get to open these boxes for free. They drop low end to somewhat high end and rare appearance items that only come in these boxes. F2P players have to buy key rings that have 5 keys on it. You are limited how many boxes you get in 30 days (sub and f2p player).

If SWTOR brought this in I would be happy. It be a nice perk to keep us paying cutomers an advantage perk for paying.

If people want to moan and gripe about it than start paying than sub up and play.

Plenty of player grip over in DC that they have all these boxes and dont want to play to unlock them. To bad not sad we tell them as it a perk for us and its shared to them for a price.

Only thing is make the boxes bind on pick up so they cant be sold or traded.
I do think there needs to be something for the players who sub, like a chance to loot a key from npc's, whereas FTP players would have to buy the keys.