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Comicos (originally Comicus) named after the character from Mel Brooks History of the World Part 1. I used Comicus in SWG. Comicos is a gunslinger

Aelya based off of the same name I used in SWG which I based off of Aalya Secura. Aelya is a Sage.

Mottokko (originally Mottoko) which is based off of Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. I also tried to make her look like the major in the Ghost in the Shell movies. Mottokko is a Vanguard

Legacy name Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell so I could have a character named Major Mottokko Kusanagi.

Smurfette is named after my entertainer from SWG and based off of Smurfette from the smurfs. She is a human with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a Sentinel.

Revvi is named after the character Revi in Black Lagoon and naturally she is a gunslinger. I made her to kind of look like Revi, but there is no purple hair in the game.

Tophh is named after Toph from Avatar the Last Air Bender. She is a shadow who bends earth and is a miralukan. I tried to make her look like Toph as much as possible.

Killdaemperor is a male Sith Assassin who wants to do what is name says. He is not a fan of the empire or the sith and wants to change or destroy the empire. I made him so I could make Sayia (his daughter).

Sayia is a pure blood Sith Jedi Guardian and is named after Saya from Blood+. I named her Sayia because I could not use the name Saya and Kari Wahlgren who is the voice actress of the female Jedi Knight is also the voice of Saya in Blood+ (English Dub).

Sumwon is a Zabrak Male Scoundrel named because saying Target Sumwon or answering Sumwon is the healer or I am currently playing Sumwon is funny. He will also try to romance Akaavi since Comicos married Risha.

Kalyo is an operative named after her first companion Kaliyo and also looks very very close to her. The only difference is Kaliyo has more nose piercings. They also will wear matching imperial dancer outfits.

Mmako is a powertech named after Mako and looks like her clone except for the implants which a player cannot match.

Vvette is a female Twilek Juggernault who looks very similar Vette her companion.

On another server I also have character named Sumone (Someone), Aneone (anyone), Nowan (No One), Anatashia (named after the Baroness from GI Joe who is voiced by Grey DeLisle in GI Joe Resolute and also is the voice of the female bounty hunter, her full name with legacy will be Baroness Anatashia DeCobray), Kalyo, and Kallash (looks like the young version of Lord Zash).
The Shadowlands - Smurfete, Comicos, Revvi, Aelya, Sumwon, Mottokko, Tophh, and Sayia