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10.15.2012 , 06:21 AM | #117
i'm happy to see this thread is still going on, and without much flaming either.

personally going by what's in game at the min, we already have loot boxes only difference is these are not locked at the moment.

So those who think lock boxes are a good idea, i have a question for you. how many useful items have you got out of the already in game drop boxes? personally i've had about 1 item in 10 that's been useful the rest i think of has just credits. (stats i want but armor class thats useless!)

now how would u feel it you was to be charged for the same loot boxes.

the other thing that makes me think, is maybe the whole time f2p was on the cards, after all like i said loot boxes are allrdy in game and will be giving them some good stats to base lock boxes on.