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10.15.2012 , 05:39 AM | #116
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QFT!! Just log onto STO and see whats happening over there, they have pillaged the playerbase to oblivion, withholding content to put it into these cash-grab boxes............Anyone defending such a blatant and almost criminal scam is a tool..........I swear some players just troll these boards because they are:
1) trolls with no life
2) The sort of player who has no skill, therefore NEEDS PTW.....

Seriously BW/EA and all the other fanbois, look before you leap, this game hangs on the edge and will go either way.....

It they follow the STO model, then whilst they'll get a boost for maybe 6-12 months, this game active accounts will be lucky to be more than 100,000 by the Christmas after this one (14 months time).
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