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You could have made sense with your post if you actually defined what Juggernauts and Marauders had in common (ie Vicious Slash, Charge, Smash) instead of confusingly stating GBTF and such.
, ) but if I start a thread like that, it will be just a simple qq thread (the 1000. qq thread connected to this skills: )) And the goal in my eyes would be not the nerf of this skills, or any other skill, but the upgrade of the consular class (the upgrade of there tools not dmg outcome from an existing skill or a bit more AC - it won't handle anything, just would lead to unbalance and would open threads like "Vicious Slash, Charge, Smash OP nerf them" - it don't serves the game in my eyes...

The reason way I opened this issue in this chaotic way and not coming out with spec skills, ability, that it would be way to subjective and split by supporting my subjective view about that skill or not . But it would be more a lobby for your favorite class , ) So has no meaning. I'm more interested about the tools, what a class can use till game play, then the power of the existing spec skill.
And ones more, we all know this classes, we all know how they work, what they can do with there tools and if some one not, then he should go and try them (its not a tutorial, ))