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10.15.2012 , 04:21 AM | #114
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the only answer people can give is by experience in other games and generally the answer is

The more lockboxes tht sell the more and more the game starts to be moulded around them. after the first few months lockboxes become the media of choice of releasing content.
QFT!! Just log onto STO and see whats happening over there, they have pillaged the playerbase to oblivion, withholding content to put it into these cash-grab boxes............Anyone defending such a blatant and almost criminal scam is a tool..........I swear some players just troll these boards because they are:
1) trolls with no life
2) The sort of player who has no skill, therefore NEEDS PTW.....

Seriously BW/EA and all the other fanbois, look before you leap, this game hangs on the edge and will go either way.....