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Ranged attacks are clearly ones which you use at a distance.

If I shoot someone from 30m I'm not next to them.

If I'm not next to them I'm not in the huge mess of AOE.

That's very important.
You are not next to them and you are not in a huge mess of AOE, till they don't want you to be there, the question is, can you move your self out if they focused on you? (insta move out, changing place in a fast way - mobility, by keep your self alive with heals till you flee)) Can you handle the upcoming dmg by your defense? Can you resist the cc for mobility? So what tools classes have and what not.
Now you will say, its more chaotic, like it was, but its not about animation, RP, fantasy (this time) no matter that your fantasy project something, like you are a close combat jedi knight or telekinetic ranged sage, but more about the tools.
Forget the background of the class this time and see the pure gaming tools, and if you have all this classes and you play a lot of pvp, pvp you will see what is my issue , )