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Trooper - incredible high armor rate(tank), shield enable, ranged, can roll hybrid - tank can have good dps, dps can have great defense, healer - 70% mobility till use heal skills, guard (tank)
con - healer a bit lacking till the nerf, Vamguard needs support till his survivor skills lacking vs other (Adrenaline vs Guarded by the Force)
Jedi Knight - incredible high armor rate(tank), shield enable, dual wield enable, ranged (lets don't be mislead by the saber in there hands , )), can roll hybrid, most DMG, best DPS, best mobility, best immunities , guard (tank), CC with dmg (best CC), best CC immunity, can hide - have to go class
con - no heal skills, boring to play
Smuggler - ranged, can roll hybrid, 99% mobility till use heals, great DPS, high DMG, cover, can hide, most skills to use (fun to play), can have medium armor, best aoe CC
con - worst immunity skills, don't have tank, cover is more a stationary target then shelter

Consular - shield enable, guard, best support healer (?), force speed, can hide, good aoe CC from skill tree(Cinetic Collapse)
con - nearly zero mobility till heal, can have just light armor, force shield obsolete till now days dmg, has the only tank spec that not ranged (30m attack) but has the worst armor rate like a tank , no chance for hybrid, zero self survivability for healer compared to other classes, "slave class" - to play effective you can interrupt and sacrifice with shadow dps, or support with heal other till the end of the world like sage.


(I have lvl 50 from all classes)