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That's a strange formulation. I don't adjust my own attitude to match with the character, I just play her in a way that she may display a certain attitude. However, in SW:TOR, due to the voice over, the options are limited. Regardless of what dialogue options your choose, a very big part of every character's personality is already implied in the class.

The behavior, the way she talks I pictured for my Jedi Consular is completely unlike the Jedi Consular in SW:TOR. I pictured a light-hearted, funny, easy going and notoriously shallow character that lets the deeper seriousity of a Jedi Knight only sparsely shine through - she would have never had problems with "not forming attachments" even though she likes to dwell in the spotlight and the center of things, simply because she is shallow. Now if you look at the always serious, always formal role model Jedi Consular, even if you pick dark side options, always reclusive and unapproachable, that's just not possible to do in SW:TOR.
Ah, yes. "Reapers."