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10.14.2012 , 11:28 PM | #27
In Ilum there's always one person who dies in the exhaustion zone while skipping mobs. I've also seen teams that wiped repeatedly trying to skip mobs they'd have been quicker just fighting.

The worst FP for mob skipping though is Directive 7. Multiple skippable bits that involve climbing, jumping and Mario-esque acrobatics, with detection and death as the price of failure. I routinely type after the first fight, "Please don't skip over the tent roofs" which always gets one snarky demand of why not, to which I always reply "Because I'm partially blind tyvm." Physical disability is generally an unanswerable trump card, but the odd team has ignored me and done so anyway, in which case I wait patiently and unmovingly by the first tent until they come back for me. I get away with this because I'm the healer.