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the hms now are nothing more than a race to the end with some of the dumbest means to skip mobs. i have seen people waste time for a group member to run back after a fall death which then afterwards only to kill the same single mob they were trying to skip. i have seen others jumping over three tents in which if one person missed one then you have one or two groups to kill. if the same people went to the left there is only one strong or regular to kill if you didn't avoid it. people have become totally stupid in this mob skipping mini game.

I would guess about 70% of group wipes I've experienced have been because of the trash-skipping game. It most commonly happens when one person accidentally steps a pixel out of line, pulls a mob and the team gets slaughtered because they're all spread out and not prepared for combat. Or when you try and carefully bisect two mobs and end up pulling them both. So much time is wasted on these I'm all the time typing "let's just kill them" in the chat window. It's particularly prevalent in more open-world FPs like Taral V.