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10.14.2012 , 08:59 PM | #561
Pop issues on Master Dar'nala are just getting worse and worse.
People are not getting pvp/pve pops and so are logging off or rolling alts.
Both of which make the situation at 50 even worse.
50 people on fleet prime time if your lucky, normally 30 odd.
1-2 pvp instances running at 50 if your lucky..
Lowbie pvp again if your lucky 5-10 min que times minimum, same people in each one.
Rateds? your kidding right, only by prior arrangement, if everyone shows up..

Bioware are obviously waiting till F2P arrives, as I have stated previously, but its becoming more and more apparent that the server will be effectively dead before that happens..

Waiting for a nifty solution..
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