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10.14.2012 , 08:53 PM | #2
This event has been run and won with dozens of players turning up to test their skills and determine who is the best of the best.

The winner for each class were as follows:

Shadows - Ailias Bash'wan (commendations to Spazvice, Michiru and Annais Twilight)
Commandos - Kelborn Aden (Commendations to Sharth, Arvisur and Loxi Wulf)
Scoundrels - Cexia (Commendations to Raj and Stoxi)
Vanguards - Odon (Commendations to Rock)
Sage - Mydian Telamon (Commendations to Dai, Talin, Ro'jin and Uulic)
Gunslinger - Jaqen-h'gar (Commendations to Benny Risco)
Sentinel - Huan (Commendations to Pazman and MasterSensei)
Guardians - Lucus Sorrell (Commendations to Kex)

The battle for Grand Champion was long and arduous, with no actual winner being determined. A more streamlined system to determine this will be in place for the next round, which will be coming soon, with hopefully an even bigger prize pool!

Any feedback from participants and interested parties is most welcome to help make this a bigger and better community event for the future.