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That analysis is somewhat flawed.

I can run Rich level 5 lockbox slicing missions all day long with no problem getting both to spawn. If your theory were correct, those would vanish and be replaced by something else.

On the other hand, when I try to get Dark Side medical missions for Diplomacy, I can spend half an hour or more running in and out of my ship before something other than companion gifts or LS missions will appear. Very often, I can have 4 of 5 missions, and at times all missions, be LS gift missions, despite not having run any DS missions at all. Makes crafting on my Biochem largely a waste of time, as I cannot get the materials needed short of paying exorbitant prices on the GTN.

Diplomacy seems to be close to 90% gift missions, regardless of alignment, but that too is a flawed perception, as not everyone will have the same results. A quick look at my Diplomacy character shows exactly one medical supply mission out of 15 total available in the three ranks I can use. All of the rest are for gift missions. Sadly this is the rule more than the exception for me, but again, is likely not the case overall.

Personally I'd like to see the gift missions nerfed to about half of what they are now. I find them to be largely useless, both for leveling the companions, and as fodder for the GTN. More often than not they end up on a vendor for lack of anything to use them for. I don't even run the gift missions any longer. They're a wate of time and credits just to toss the gifts at a vendor at a loss, especially since you don't need them to advance companion affection.

It does make you wonder though, if they've not completely destroyed certain skills through sheer neglect and incompetence. The crafting system for this game has always been contentious, and their reasoning for nerfs, stealth or otherwise, have always been a bit vague.

I've pretty much given up on having implants, etc.. for my characters from Biochem. Several of the gathering skills are so badly broken that crafting in this game has become more of a chore than it's worth.
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