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Using your own arguements and going by your own logic, having a Force Shield and Jedi reflexes doesn't guarantee victory against a well equipped/trained/prepared Bounty Hunter and/or squad of Imperial Troopers.

HK-47 and Atton Rand best describe how easy it is to kill Jedi
If you read my previous posts you would know that I never said or suggested that this simple combination would guarantee me a victory versus an "equipped/trained/prepared Bounty Hunter". It would however, give me the victory against an average republic trooper armed with a modern assault rifle.

Now replace the AVERAGE(notice the word average) republic trooper and his modern assault rifle(and the whole stupid idea of bringing AK-47s into SW) with a seasoned Bounty hunter and all of his weapons and you get quite a different story. It really comes down to the idnividual in that case, and that was the point I was trying to make from the very beginning.