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In seconds is a bit of an overstatement as just the AOE slow + a tactical force push followed by a saberthrow as you run away from him followed by a force charge just before he catches up with you should ensure that the fight is not over in seconds, even if you do loose.

I do agree that Shadows/Sins are probably the top 1vs1 class atm, they are the class I look least forward to facing on my AP Powertech, as they are even a better counter to that spec as it is dependent on an aoe (prototype flamethrower) and mostly elemental attacks.
Not trying to be a "Smart Alec" but "In Seconds" To me means anything under 60..AKA a Minute. And it was used as a vague description on purpose to note that I dont know how long it was...But it was very short If not I would have said a specific number of seconds......

On that note I took one of the folks in this threads advice and Went back to Vengeance for a fresh perspective....I re-itemized my gear a bit to get my crit up to 30% (35% Buffed) and added a some accuracy back into the mix so as not to miss in my rotation...and kept my Surge @ 75%.

Maybe not perfect but good enough to give it a try....I was actually having a great time and Unstoppable just made PvP more fun period....Im not CC'd nearly as much, and have some control...I dont post the big numbers anymore but I am wayyyy harder to kill and single target I can really chew someone up....Was great fun running some matches today and kinda brought me back around.

So thanks to the PvP community... you all really did help and thanks for all the advice from everyone.
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