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So far, I've been lucky to only have one bad FP experience. Also, it was fortunately short and sweet.

I was playing a healer and I get into a BOI that appeared to be already somewhat in progress. This is already a red flag, because I figure it means either the last healer left, or they booted him. It's 3 members of a guild, they're definitely all fresh 50s, and they're sitting at that first trash pull that you can easily skip . Problem is, if you've wiped a couple of times, you can't pass them anymore, they'll aggro on you.

So, they get on their speeders and charge through, and die. We all get back in, and they want to try to do it normally, but they all just charge in and the dps just take on a whole pack of silvers on their own, taking massive damage, so despite my best efforts I can't keep everyone up. I say "you may want to consider using CC and having dps focus on the same target"

I get vote kicked. I Put everyone in that group on ignore.
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