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Perhaps because most people didn't want chat bubbles?? As part of the beta, I am sure you saw a number of the countless polls that all showed the majority of the people didn't want them..I know I did and I was in the beta..
Haha. I like your sarcasm. But it could confuse people who don't undestand that.

To clarify for those that weren't in the beta, pretty much all the polls and threads about chat bubbles (and there were many as there was a very large amount of people that wasn't happy that they weren't in) I saw during my months in general beta were clearly supporting an option to enable chat bubbles.

Of course, there were some inconsiderate people who thought "I hate/don't care about chat bubbles, so nobody else shouldn't even get an option to enable them", but luckily, they were in the minority. Most people were considerate enough to understand that some players can't enjoy the game without chat bubbles for spatial chat and supported adding the option, even if they themselves don't wish to use it.

Quote: Originally Posted by MajikMyst View Post
Oh.. No the developers did not say that..
There was a thread (which I shamelessly stole most of the top post from) that Mr. Zoeller himself responded to in which he said chat bubbles were a high priority for launch. Everyone that paid attention to the topic in the general beta forums during the last couple of weeks of beta knows it.

James Ohlen said the same during the fansite summit not so long ago, too.

I really hope chat bubbles will be implemented soon, as without them, socializing, roleplay, PVE questing, finding people in around you to group up to finish a common quest instead of trying to steal the kill/klick and even PVP is completely tedious, annoying and not fun at all.