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My trooper:

Backblast, being the son of a Mandalorian warrior, was trained extensively in the arts of combat. When his father left him and his adopted brother on Coruscant, Backblast joined the Republic military. Impressed with his skills, the Republic soon placed him in Special Forces. There he proved himself as a terrific medic but also a proficient demolitionist. He got his nickname when one of his training bombs exploded the wrong way, tearing out one of his eyes and scarring his face.

When Backblast's training was complete, he was assigned to Jagger Squad, also known as the Republic's Finest. His brother, Dankin, sometimes does supply runs or piloting missions for Jagger Squad, so the two still see each other often.

Name: Vevec
Nickname: Backblast
Body size: Large
Specialty: Medic
Eye color: Blue
Hairstyle: short, but unruly
Hair color: sandy
Identifying marks: cybernetic eye, also cybernetic implants on the sides of his head
Blemishes: scar from an accident during training

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Sith and the Empire
Dishonorable actions