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10.14.2012 , 12:17 PM | #67
I don't think demand can be calculated with algorithms, because it's not always objective. When it comes to orange gear an important question would always be whether or not you like the looks of it. Which companions do you actually use and which ones are you planning to use - might be that you stopped using Tharan and are equipping Nadia up to a decent level right now.

I would very much prefer to just use the current system as it is intuitively. Vote need for things you're gonna use, vote greed for most things, vote pass if the only thing you could possibly do with an insanely valuable piece of equipment is sell it as it is to an NPC vendor. The demand a player declares would not have to be verifiable by the others but someone who votes need on nearly everything is still a jerk, but even then they cannot just everything anything, it's still a matter of chance. However, people like rules, like to declare shiny things they see their property, even at the cost of forfeiting other things altogether. Such an approach would lead to a much more efficient distribution of items, you would get somewhat less items for your particular class, but still enough and could equip your favourite companion along the way, instead of acquiring more items than you actually need. Sometimes you might even get customizable gear that you simply like to wear and replace all but the enhancement modification.

What makes people believe the existing system was flawed is their desire for ultimate control, their wish to declare property on items that already come to existance by chance and their distrust in the fairness of chance I find that regretable. There is beauty in simplicity.

In the case the OP described that was a serious overreaction by the team leader (I might go as far as to quit the team as an impartial player as well, because I find negative vibrations in a team far worse than a missed item). However, waiting for the others to vote and then voting is not exactly a fair thing either, if you wait anyway you might have simply asked, even over something as simple as a medpack; it never hurts to ask.