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10.14.2012 , 12:13 PM | #23
the hms now are nothing more than a race to the end with some of the dumbest means to skip mobs. i have seen people waste time for a group member to run back after a fall death which then afterwards only to kill the same single mob they were trying to skip. i have seen others jumping over three tents in which if one person missed one then you have one or two groups to kill. if the same people went to the left there is only one strong or regular to kill if you didn't avoid it. people have become totally stupid in this mob skipping mini game.

i have also had a sage use rescue to constantly pull people she thought was too far behind in the group. i has at half health healing up after a encounter and this person "rescued" me out of healing up. totally idiotic and went on my ignore list after the hm. stupid is as stupid does.

i just don't get it though. i too have done all of the hms several times. enough to get four (4) toons bh geared out and when i wait in queue 15-30 min i kinda want to enjoy the run and not make it a race. i don't mind skipping some mobs mind you but when i cant get my healers power back up after a boss encounter it is just too much. i refuse to solo queue in the lfd with my healer for some time now.

sometimes i think the worse thing that was done was putting in bh coms as the final reward. perhaps it should have been one per hm boss killed and or one per stage of the bonus quest. this would have solved a LOT of issues i have encountered. then with the stupidity i have seen maybe not.