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I believe he's referring to the universe in general. I've heard that weapons that fire lead were called 'kinetic weapons' and that they are considered primitive. I don't know why, but that's what I've heard. Not sure why they use that instead of blasters. Something about personal shield generators or scarce resources I don't know.
Speaking of personal shield generators (a little off-topic, i know ) I once read that the only reason a Droideka was able to use a generator like that was because they were droids, and if a human tried using one, he would be fried by the radiation. Then I play TOR, and all of a sudden, everyone and their mother had a shield generator whats up with that? is it just because that the ones carried are far weaker, so theres no fear of radiation?

Also, to stay on topic, There are bounty hunters that get famous for kiling jedi, and there are Jedi who are famous for killing Bounty hunters, so obviously their weapons can work, but it depends on whos fighting, and their relative skill with their weapons.
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