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10.14.2012 , 08:56 AM | #66
For me, this game went wrong in only 1 department. LACK OF CUSTOMIZATION AND UNIQUENESS

- Everyone looks the same...
- Worst armor design in this game i've ever seen for a Star Wars title. It COULD NOT, look more like WoW. ONLY trooper's and some of the Bounty Hunter's outfits look star-warsy and iconic. EVERY OTHER Class' gear looks HORRIBLE. So bad, that I hope that one of the devs they fired was the guy who designed this stuff.
- You can't color armor pieces at all, let alone individually
- Extreme lack of armor/clothing appearance options
- Can't decide what weapon you want to wield. Can't be a pistoleer Commando or a rifleman Bounty hunter. Which is i think THE BIGGEST upset for me. Some people like sages class, but prefer a double bladed lightsaber. Horrible game design there.
- No sandbox elements of owning housing and items...can't do anything in your ship either. Not even color changes.
- VERY cookie cutter feel to talent-trees. Only 1 or 2 advanced classes are able to hybrid efficiently. Everyone else is 1 of 3 trees. Very boring.

...blah, I could go on and on for hours.
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