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Let me first state that I am admittedly a solo-playing person. I'm new to MMOs, and even though I have two characters up to lvl 50, I still feel like I'm learning how to play properly (i.e. - Holding my own and not making anyone that I'm grouped up with upset with me.)

I decided to start leveraging the group finder (primarily because the guild I'm in is not that big, yet, and there haven't been many people online to group up with). I did two Flashpoints (one was HM: BT and I believe the other one was HM: False Emperor) previously and started them both out by saying, "Hey, I'm a new 50, and new to MMO in general. Please let me know if any mechanics I should know about."

I picked up right away in both, that most people just want to ride their speeders around mobs and only interact with bosses. While I've noticed that the drops weren't as many when we did have to fight a mob, I have found this kind of weird since you miss out on possible random premium loot drops. But, I'll go along with what the group wants to do.

Anyways, I get pulled into Directive 7 with a group. They seemed to know where to go on their speeders to get around the mobs. It seemed the path to take was a lot trickier than other Flashpoints. So I ended up falling 2-3 times into a mob. After the third time, one of the group member types "gdit i hate you". I decide to say nothing. Next thing that happens is I get voted out of the group.

So is this kind of behavior commonplace or did I just run into a bad group? I'd also be happy for any suggestions/comments on how I could even make it clearer to folks that I'm still getting the hang of the game. I think I'm just going to try to get some more people in the guild I'm in and hope to find 3 or more folks who are on in the evenings to run Flashpoints and Daily Heroics with me.
I think thats pretty common, theres a lot of totally impatient and self-righteous idiots these days. I was in a pug of some retard guild once, running LI and the dps was like ninja pulling all the friggin time, so I asked them kindly to stop that unprofessional behavior but they didnt. So at some point one of the dps got killed because he pulled too much aggro. Reaction: I got vote kicked Reason: I cant tank LOL
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