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I really wasnt looking to start a Nerf Assassin/Shadow thread just to be clear...This thread was prompted by A few players of the AC that clearly had strong gearing and had worked out a Sure win Strat for decimating people in a 1v1 fight....Not to mention we have pretty much established that they are a "Hard Counter" for Rage given their Defensive CD's, Massive reductions to AoE DMG, and Readily availible CC....

If I were to really launch any Complaints they would be aimed @ TTK, and the 1.4 Resolve formula. Resolve builds Just slow enough now for one additional CC per engagement to be applied and Coupled with the Current TTK it takes away the feeling of a decent fight...You put that together with a Class that has stealth to guarentee the opener, Burst Dmg, and the ability to keep you out of the fight for (Now 1.4) for a pretty long duration....and it takes the fun right out of the job. Losing a duel is going to happen.

Losing a duel in seconds on a Fully WH character that I have played Since the start, and have above average skill on...Not great, but above average..Seems a bit off. I dont Blame Sins, I blame TTK, and Resolve to be honest.

Although in General I have always felt when Class design is in question that as a class is given more CC, or Defensive CD's...Inherently their DMG potential should go down to scale...Juggs are thought of as a Tanky class...thats far from the truth, but they have crazy Burst potential...Makes sense. Now Take a Jugg Give them Stealth and some type of immunity CD make Smash single target and give them one additional stun...and you have a Deception Sin Thats not wearing a dress......
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