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Someone try this: bring 2 characters capable of stealthing out. Go into the first room and start combat. 1 stealth out and press the button, the rest keep going. Do the same in the second room with the other stealth. Then activate the third and 4th data cores. all 4 going at once may cause something to happen. What this leaves out is the last button. Maybe it's possible that the entire data core set of enemies can be ignored when you go into the boss area - maybe the color buttons are clickable in combat and if a full group makes it into the boss area with the 4 cores active outside, Mickey Mouse spawns and takes all the bugs out of the game. If 8 peeps survive that mess, I'd reward that.
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doe snot
No referral link for you. I don't want you to subscribe to this 'game'. I don't want you to play it at all. I want you to go away from this broken mess that will never be fixed and find something else.