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A mechanic I'd like to see for this battle for this battle given there are 6 dread masters would be something along the lines of catching 2 or 3 of them "off guard" when they are without the the rest of the dream masters. Then at some point, such as a hp constraint they summon the rest of the dread masters and the fight steps up.

Another option would be similar to the mind trap with soa, where everyone is in their own mind trap and has a fight similar to the infernal council, "freeing your mind" so that you can start fighting the dread masters proper. Without some way of getting the right battle for tanks/healers I can't see this happening however. Possibly not even a dps race fight, a puzzle for individual players would be an interesting way of doing it. (Or possibly the option of either surviving while being attacked and completing the puzzle or alternatively killing the mob, that way dps could kill it and tanks/healers can survive and do the puzzle instead.)

All of this is assuming you fight all 6 in 1 boss fight, I wouldn't be surprised if they split them up into 2 boss fights
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