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10.14.2012 , 01:11 AM | #41
Forgive me for giving you extra work but due to recent events can we please get our Guild Details updated please ^_^
Thank you very much.

Guild Name: Corvus
Faction: Republic
Guild Website:
What we cover (PvE/PvP/Dailys/Weeklys/Flashpoints/Operations/Rated PvP): All
Who we cater for (Casual/Full-time/Family/Kids): All
Guild Masters: Moonstorm & Rouphus (Known on Imperial Side as: Rhaegal and Archet)
Guild Officers: Wolfguard, Organna, Xami and Suketh
In-game Contacts: Contact anyone in guild for an invite or discussion on joining
Sister Guild (other Faction): Korvus (Imperial guild now run by Moonstorm and Rouphus)
Voice Comms (Mumble/Teamspeak/Ventrilo): Vent
Operation Days/Times: Progression Team: Sat & Sun 12pm ADST (2pm NZ) then we have Operations set up for casual raiders and alts that wish to see content and gear on Fri 7:30pm ADST and Sat/Sun 3:30pm ADST.
Operation Progression: SM EC: Cleared, now learning HM EC and SM TFB
PvP/Rated Warzones: Rated Warzone Team just started up, Wednesdays 7pm AEST.
Recruiting (Yes/No): Yes
Currently Recruiting (Classes/Roles/Levels): Any are welcome to join.
About Us/Description/Info: We are a friendly, social guild of players from all walks of life that enjoy PvE, PvP and hold monthly guild events for guildies to take part in and socialise. Full of helpful, honest members who don't mind answering questions or helping you learn the game. Recently their has been a change around on the Imperial Korvus and Moonstorm and Rouphus have now taken leadership and are bringing the Guild back in line to be more like Corvus on the Republic side. You are welcome to come try us out be you new to MMO's or experienced and looking for a guild to enjoy hanging out with while you play.