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There's no nice way to put this: just shut up.

People who played Deception/Infil from release know just how terrible the spec was relative to every other spec.
You're absolutely wrong about Shroud needing a nerf, but if a nerf is going to be discussed, let's wait as long as we did before anything happened to the other OP classes.

Cya in 8-9 months.
Its been 11 months since people figured out that sin/shadow was op. The only reason they havent been nerfed to the level the should be in PVP is because they still have to have them as the 3rd viable tank for PVE. Its as simple as that. Try to get people to look at the birdie all you want, fact of the matter is sins are/have been/will be OP in PVP as long as this game is around.
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