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I have been a huge fan since 1977. I remember our local movie theatre would let you watch movies over and over if you didn't leave the theatre so me and my friends stayed there all day. I've never missed an opening night and I never will. I'm not an OT purist; anything that is created to expand the SW universe, I love.
I started out as just a collector of the 3 3/4" figs and vehicles and now at almost 41 years of age, I have moved into props, prop replicas, costumes, and autographs.
I can't figure out how the other poster earlier mentioned he has $100K in his room when I have nearly a quarter of a mil in collectibles all over the house!
I'm currently working on making my home theatre look like an Imperial briefing room onboard the Death Star or a Star Destroyer. I have personalized autographs from actors from all 6 movies. I have a piece of the Death Star used in Episode IV; one of my prized pieces is an Icons Darth Vader lightsaber signed to me by David Prowse.
As I've said before, every room in my house has something related to Star Wars in it- whether it be a book for some reading in the bathroom (ha!) or a full size Darth Vader watching movies with me in my theatre, Star Wars is all over the place!
Since my wife and children are exposed to Star Wars every day, they are also huge fans. My children love the movies and the Clone Wars series. My daughter is just starting to play SWTOR and I think I have my wife conned into it too!
But, my biggest Star Wars legacy is that my son's name is Anakin....