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I too have a superior machine, and I too am experiencing much lag, particularly on Taris. The thing is for me, that I can move about my ship just fine, the minute I go onto a planet, massive slowdown. I don't kn ow how to measure FPS, but it gets really slow on certain planets. Most likely the problem is NOT on your end. I built a whole new machine to play the game and even bought a 20mb d/l rate from my ISP, and that still hasn't helped. I've traced the problem to SWTOR's ISP, but they refuse to believe that they have a problem. Even their ISP says that evertthing is working fine. I don't know how they manage to keep their jobs. Just doing a tracert indicates a delay in the hundreds of milliseconds on one particular router, but apparently my numbers don't mean anything to anybody.

There are things you can do to your machine to help.
1. make sure cpu affinity has a cpu for swtor all by itself, or atleast one with very little other activity on it. I put mine on core 0, Windows itself uses core 5 on my machine, and the other 6 are dedicated to BOINC. I do shut off BOINC processing on the gpu when I'm in game.
2. make sure your gpu and cpu are running cool. I get in the 50's C for the cpu cores, and in the high 60's C for the gpu under nearly full load.
3. move any background tasks to another cpu core
4. turn off any security you might have installed just as a test to see if it is that which is sucking up cpu cycles.
5. run tracert to see if there is a serious delay somewhere in the data path. I'm sure you'll get the same numbers I do.
6. upgrade your data connection to your ISP if financially feasible

Hopefully some or all of this will result in better play for you. For me, I'm getting real pissed off because I have been dealing with lag since March, and since March swtor and their ISP have denied that it is their problem. The arrogance of those people just astounds me!

Good luck, and may the force truly be with you,


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I unsubscribed about 6 months ago to focus on Diablo III. Now I'm done with D3 and I decided to give SW:TOR another shot. Unfortunately, that's made impossible because I can't do ANYTHING without unbearable lag. I can't even run around in my ship without lag.

The biggest problem is that my computers specs FAR OUT EXCEL the minimum requirements needed to play this game. I've even tried putting it on "Very Low" settings and it's still the exact same. I open up task manager to end any processes that have a lot of memory usage, and it still does it.

I also have the most up-to-date drivers (as far as I'm aware) that my hardware needs

I'm running:

I7 930 2.8 ghz
ASUS p6t Deluxe V2
3x2GB DDR3 RAM (6GB altogether)
Dual Radeon HD 6870's (with Crossfire enabled)

and my internet is completely stable. other games such as BF3, D3, CS:GO, etc. work completely fine.