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Born a slave, she raised her two little sisters, Krenth and Enth, with the help of her little brother, Cherek. Cherek and Enth were captured and sold at auction when Onith was 13. She escaped the slave camp at 16. After living as a street rat for a few months, Braden found her and took her in to train her. The story started after four years of training.

Name: Onith Beeska
Age: 23 at beginning of story, 27 at end
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Planet of Origin: Nal Hutta
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Hair: Dirty blonde, shoulder-length
Eyes: Brown
Body: Muscular. 56, 140 lb.
Scars: Three scars from her hairline to mid-cheek on the right side of her face
Romance: Torian Cadera
Ship: Darling, named by its previous owner

1. Sith
2. Imperials
3. Sith
4. Cowardice
5. Sith

Likes: (not in order)
1. Underdogs
2. Knife-fights
3. Her family
4. Drinking

Fun facts:
1. Spent her entire time on Balmorra passing along as much information as she could to the Resistance.
2. When she married Torian, he took her name.
3. The span of story between Belsavis and Voss was actually her hiding out from Darth Tormen because she was pregnant with her first child.
4. Defected to the Republic post-story.
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