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This is a cool thread, time to add my version!

Jedi Shadow: Nadia Grell - Padawan learner, she has a crush on him but he is hesitant to return affection due to her age (she's 16-18 vs. his 26) and the possibility of antagonizing the Jedi Council.
Jedi Guardian: Kira Carson - Fellow Jedi and sister in battle.
Scoundrel: Akaavi Spar - Every Crime Lady needs a personal bodyguard, right ?
Vanguard: Aric Jorgan - Combat buddy who's been there from the start, they share the same passion for wasting Imperials.

Sith Marauder: Jaesa Wilsaam - Which Sith Lady doesn't want her own Dark Jedi lackey ?
Sith Sorcerer: Khem Val - Wealth of knowledge, Force-resistant, bound to his will. The perfect lackey.
Imperial Sniper: Ensign Raina Temple - Partners with benefits.
Mercenary: Mako - Kindred spirit, both are a kind "criminal with a conscience." They would be more than just friends if the game allowed SGRA's.
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