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It's ok guys, I have just been informed by customer service that the issue with war zones is actually due to being on a low population server. I opened a ticket to ask about all the coms we miss out on because of the "bug" which it turns out is not really a bug, and this is the response I got.
"I have received your in-game transmission. thank you for contacting us to let us know about your question if we will give players in your server the rewards for finishing warzone dailies and weeklies because unable to complete them due to low population.
However, we are not able to grant rewards for this matter. Please note that finishing a warzone daily or weekly depends on the number of warzones dones, in which is affected by the number of players queuing for a warzone. Please note that this is working as designed, thus we are not able to assist
Our development team actively monitor our forums, and are constantly looking for feedback from our players. The thoughts and opinions of our community play a key role in helping them to improve star wars the old republic experience."

So we have no one to blame guys, Low Population is what is getting us kicked to character select screen, not a bug. Glad we got that sorted.
Doesnt sound right, to me it sounds like you asked for comms for not being about to 50 PVP and they got the understanding that there was no 50pvp due to low pop.

This is not a low pop issue its just a miss understanding with CS
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