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From the "bored on a Saturday" department, a 2-man (with companions) kill of the first boss in Lost Island HM:

The two of us had previously two-manned every other hard mode flashpoint, so we decided to give LI a try. It was actually substantially harder to down the mini-boss than the sentinel droid, though the droid still took about 6-7 tries. The trick is that you have to be much more on the ball (as a tank) about managing the adds than you do with a full group. I actually slipped up on this at the end, but the boss was pretty much dead by this point so it didn't matter.

We did attempt to progress forward, but were unable to get past Project Sav-rak (as you might expect). With two Campaign-geared healer pets, healing wasn't an issue, we just couldn't reliably get the boss down off of the pillars.
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