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10.13.2012 , 05:18 PM | #1
At the very least they could make some kind of statement about what has happened to us.
I played from Beta, had a few weeks off, came back the other day and find i couldnt access lvl 50 is happening to every other level 50 person.

Yet Noone from Bioware is even mentioning the problem.
Why are we being ignored?

If it was happening in America they would be screaming the house down and threatening to invade someone.
We cant play the game we want to. I dont want to go and start alts. i want the warzones.

I dont play many hours per day..perhaps an hour or two and all i wanna do is run warzones, collect the commendations, the thats it.

Perhaps they should give us all a full set of ranked and unranked warzone comms as compensation for this crap