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What we as customers need from you the provider is some assurance that you are indeed looking into the issue rather than telling us that our computers broke update 1.4, I'm sure that a simple statement acknowledging that this is an issue with the game would go a long way in restoring some faith to those of us who have been having this issue.

Too true , when i had my pc built it was literally to be able to play this game as my old pc would not have. Up until the summer when I stopped playing to go on vacation and spend time with family it worked beautifully. No bugs, no lag , no random massive spiking. Then got back on the first of this month and everything is leaving me confused as to what happened that i can no longer play this game. Would love to see them say " We see your problem and we got your back. The problem is ( ) and we are fixing it as we speak." So far I just hear a voice like Han telling me " Hang on kid this is going to be a bumpy ride."