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10.13.2012 , 04:42 PM | #87
I quit this game because of the original CTD issue. I came back hoping it had been fixed... It's worse than it ever has been... I run W7-32, my fiance runs W7-64, we BOTH have the same issues!

ALL of my drivers are up to date, NO background programs running, not even chrome, because of HOW EXTENSIVE the memory use is from TOR... Yes, I can't even surf a webpage without it crashing... I've done EVERYTHING, upgraded from XP to W7, all new drivers, upgraded my memory, have a descent graphics card, GeForce GTS 250, a 1Tb drive and a 500gig secondary drive, 4gigs of ram *because it's 32bit*, an AMD Athlon II x4 640, which is a quad-core, ... My machine NEVER has been the problem... It wasn't the problem when the game came out, it's STILL not the problem, I've done EVERY SINGLE work around posted on the forums, even had my fiance, a tech guy, look at it, NOTHING wrong with it... It performs BEAUTIFULLY with EVERY SINGLE other game, even newer ones!! It's ONLY that the coding in TOR is SO HORRID and SO MASSIVELY dependent on the machine, that it doesn't matter HOW GOOD your pc is... their coding is to blame... FIX IT ALREADY, IT'S BEEN 10 FREAKING MONTHS !!!!!!!

As far as the memory leak, IT HAS TO BE TRUE!! IT IS A MEMORY LEAK !!

I use a program called System Mechanic Professional... It allows me to defrag my ram, at any time... I can do a light version of it, takes about 5 seconds, or a deep defrag that takes from 10s-1min to complete, knocking anywhere from 1-2gigs free from my memory... THIS should help IF it were a PC or RAM problem... which it is not, IT'S THEIR CRAPPY CODING !!!