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I used to play a TKM in SWG and it was AWESOMENESS start to finish.

It would be really great to have a true melee tank/dps class that fights with no weapons or maybe vibro pikes/ vibro knuckles

I do not know if this is against the rules so pardon me if so and delete this link I am about to post: I stumbled into it while researching on Teras Kasi class in SWTOR and I think it has very interesting and implementable points.

It expands also to Creature Handlers(Republic)/Droid Operators(Imperial) and put TKM in Republic with Royal Guard for the Empire.

Now I know from the Lore that TK Artists developed the skill to defend themselves from Force Wielders and would look a bit weird to someone to have them only on one side...but on the other hand one could learn the Teras Kasi and not being from the original tribe or cult etc. (read some Jedi and Sith allegedly used Teras Kasi techniques), so could be reasonable that the Republic decided to train some of their best in the art, while their empir has their Royal Guards, obviously skilled melee fighters.
^ This