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10.13.2012 , 04:21 PM | #84
So, my guess here is that since all of these things have already been tried by multiple people (myself included) and it still does not fix the issue, and since Bioware is saying that since it's not effecting everyone that it's not their problem, that we just have to deal with it?

Frankly as a paying customer I should not have to deal with a poorly executed update. I understand that bugs happen, I understand that sometimes bugs take a while to get resolved. For Bioware to blatantly state that their sorry but because it's only effecting a smaller portion of the population that we're just out of luck is completely unacceptable. What we as customers need from you the provider is some assurance that you are indeed looking into the issue rather than telling us that our computers broke update 1.4, I'm sure that a simple statement acknowledging that this is an issue with the game would go a long way in restoring some faith to those of us who have been having this issue.